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Who are we ?


Firstly, we are enthusiasts. Pukar Designs was created in 2011 due to the inability to source original engine bay stickers, labels and decals which are NLA from BMW. It started as a project to recreate a few for myself. The forums groups and car clubs loved the work and it developed to what it is today and its sole purpose is to supply them to enthusiasts with accuracy and OEM quality.

We are well known and respected in the BMW community and our work can be found fitted to 1000's of cars owned by people in the  many forums and groups, and on many car club members cars, including BMW CC GB. We supply to enthusiasts all around the world and to the best know BMW experts and restorers globally. 


Whilst we are an on line business we do our best to attend as many shows as possible in the. UK and Europe to meet fellow enthusiasts and customers.


Why Choose Us ?


Our products are high quality which will last the test of time and more importantly they are accurate. They are resistant to heat, fluids and chemicals. We aim to be fair with our pricing and offer discounts. There are other options on line for similar products, usually eBay, Amazon, Etsy or Aliexpress however we do not sell via these platforms. We only sell via our website and have a few a select few resellers. The products you see in other market places are not accurate and lower quality. With us you have quality, accuracy and you also get product knowledge and help where required. If you do not know what your 1989 UK spec 325i Sport needs, we do.  

Thank you for supporting us.

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