BMW E30 M3 USA Restoration Set -£112.50

This is full restoration sticker set for a USA E30 Including M3 


  1. Emissions/Catalyst Control Information 
  2. Main Vin on Door Jamb 
  3. 12 Vins tags for panels 
  4. Tyre Information
  5. Tyre Approval 
  6. High Voltage Warning 
  7. Use Genuine Parts
  8. AC Charge Level 
  9. Ignition Coil 
  10. Alternator 
  11. Power Steering Reservoir
  12. Paint Code 
  13. Fuse Box Warning 
  14. Running In Instructions 
  15. Fuel Flap / Grade 
  16. Sport Seat Adjustment (2pc)
  17. Break Down Assistance 
  18. Instrument Cluster / Fuel
  19. Wheel Jack
  20. Brake Booster 
  21. Fuel Filter Label *
  22. Fuse Box Label Set (2pc)*
  23. Prop shaft label*
  24. Radiator*
  25. Oil Cooler Label *
  26. AC Compressor Label*
  27. Quality Assurance* 


Individually these would be over £140 (depening on what year your car was and the variants for that year) not including the * items which are not availble as individaul peices and are only availbe in the complete restoration set. 


They come with the correct dates on them, anti tamper security as per original, same finish as original. This is the most comprehensive set available anywhere and made to order for your car. 


As a complete set we offer this for a LIST price of £125 to which you can apply the PUKAR10 coupon and get another 10% off at check out. This gives a 30% discount over list prices

You pay £112.50 plus shipping 


BMW E30 M3 USA Restoration Set -£112.50

    • VIN Number 
    • Year & Month of Build as per vin 
    • Colour 

    After your order please email us with images of your origial vin